How is your riding ground created?

The design and construction of a Hopster riding ground is based on a sophisticated Combination of many individual components.  The actual requirements for a riding ground must be met, which call for a professional and experienced approach.


Good grounds = healthy horses

After all, the riding ground, as the single contact and exercise ground for the horse, represents a great responsibility. In addition to the requirements already mentioned, it must withstand the weather, be durable and offer consistent quality.
(See also the section " Scientifically developed")


The Hopster Riding Ground

The Hopster Riding Ground Contact surface combines key benefits such as its excellent Elasticity, optimal Water permeability, Capillary action and good absorption forces. Years of research and development work, including input from top international riders, has allowed an ideal ground quality to be attained. The detailed stage overview illustrates what a significant capital investment a riding ground is, and how carefully it should therefore be approached.